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2021 Algal Toxin Proficiency Program for Raw Source & Recreational Water

Eurofins Abraxis' algal toxin proficiency testing programs give you confidence in your lab's ability to deliver quality results to your customers by providing an independent assessment of laboratory performance in comparison to other laboratories performing the same analysis.

2021 Raw Water Proficiency Testing Schedule
(Note: Dates are subject to change)
NEW FOR 2021!

We plan to run a drinking water and raw water proficiency program for Saxitoxins later this summer. We will send out details on timing for that program separately but you are able to pre-register and request a quote using the registration link provided below.

  • Eurofins Abraxis produces and distributes proficiency samples (NOTE: Kits and/or testing materials are not included in the program price)

  • You test the samples using your equipment, method and personnel and provide results to Eurofins Abraxis

  • Eurofins Abraxis prepares a comprehensive program report including data, methods used and a statistical evaluation of results.

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Raw water program registration closes May 30th!

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